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애녹스는 중소벤처기업부가 지정한 글로벌시장개척 전문기업(GMD 1기), 수출바우처 수행기관, 혁신바우처 수행기관으로서 중소기업의 글로벌 시장개척과 혁신성장을 지원합니다. 또한 강소기업 육성을 위한 경영컨설팅, 공동사업개발, 영업 마케팅, IT 솔루션 및 서비스 개발, 파트너십 및 투자 자문 서비스를 제공합니다.

Global Market Development(Korean Government Authorized), Corporate consulting, business development, sales and marketing, IT solution and service development through partnership and investment.

GMD(Global Market Developer)


  • Global Market Research

  • Global Sales and Marketing

  • Overseas Exhibition

  • Buyer Search and Contact

  • Export Contraction

  • Export Consulting

  • Global e-commerce

  • O2O Service

Corporate Consulting

  • Strategy and Organization

  • ​Operations Management

  • Financing, Investment, M&A

  • ​Accounting, Tax

  • Legal Issues

  • Technology Management

  • Overseas Strategy

Business Development


  • Business Partnership

  • New Product Exploration

  • Technology Trend Catch-up

  • Market and Customer Analysis

  • Business Model Development



Sales & Marketing

  • Global Market Development

  • Sales Partnership

  • Customer Development

  • Global eCommerce 

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • ​Media Relationship


IT Solution & Service


  • Technology Partnership

  • IT Strategy Planning 

  • IOT Solution 

  • Mobile Solution and Service 

  • Big Data Solution

  • Green IT Solution

Partnership & Investment


  • Sales & marketing partnership

  • Business partnership

  • IT Solution partnership

  • Investment consulting

  • Direct Investment

  • Indirect Investment

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